General Talks

  • You need Parenting Coaching?

    Victorine is a passionate Involved Parenting Conversationalist and Mother of 4, including Africa’s Youngest multiple Awards Winning Author of Chapter Books, 10 year old Stacey Fru. She focuses on;

    • Pre-pregnancy and Pregnancy Coaching
    • Toddler Parenting Coaching
    • School Readiness for Parents and Child
    • Tweens/Preteens Parenting Coaching
    • High School Readiness for Parents and Child
    • Teens/Young Adults Parenting Coaching
    • College/University Readiness for Parents and Child
    • Single Parenting Coaching
    • Step-Parenting Coaching
    • Partner-Support in Parenting Coaching
    • Deliverance and Spirituality Coaching (Children and Parents)
    • Work/Marriage Readiness Coaching
    • Trauma in Parenting Coaching
    • Identity Support Coaching
    • Finance in Parenting Coaching
    • Not too late Parenting Coaching
    • Reading and Writing Parenting Coaching
    • Authors’ Support Programme (ALL)

    Other Sessions by Victorine

  • Dealing with the odds of parenting (one day)
  • Holiday reediness (one day)
  • The Learning Outing (one day)
  • The emotions of parenting (one day)
  • Parenting: the roots (one day)
  • Parenting: the father (one day)
  • Parenting: the mother (one day)
  • Parenting: Space (one day)
  • Parenting and Religion (one day)
  • Parenting and alcohol (one day)
  • Parenting and technology (one day)

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