Women in Dialogue! Self-Esteem: What Defines Our Inner and Outer Beauty?

Join the Women in Dialogue train that takes off on Saturday 31st March.

International Women’s month means a lot to us. Here is how we proof it.

On the last day of March, Saturday, 31 March 2018, Profound Conference Centre will be hosting a Women in Dialogue event from 14.00 at No. 181 Corlett Drive, Bramley in Johannesburg.

This is the beginning of a habit that three amazing, inspirational women wish to set. They will like the dialogues to be executed through keynote discussions, where like-minded women will share their knowledge and experiences from their expertise in their respective fields as they talk through life’s realities.
During this first session, Ms. Hulisani, an entrepreneur and makeup artist will share beauty secrets that translate to beautifying you both externally and internally. On her part, Ms. Victorine Mbong Shu, an multiple award winning author of 4 books and CEO, will share secrets on getting to the top while running a business, grooming 4 children and her husband. She will entice you on the advantages of wrapping your beauty in both your tears and your joys as she diagnoses the journey of writing her books. Ms. Andile Masinga, an entrepreneur and CEO of Klassic Occasions will not hesitate to journey with us as she shares some secrets to being successfully self-employed, happily married and completely pulling others along despite the pain of failures and the tortures of sometimes not looking like looking good.
Want to know why you should be present at this event? Well, success is enjoyed when it is experienced by everyone. Come and learn the secrets and build a sisterhood that could last a lifetime. Share and indulge in these secrets and dialogue on how to become the best version of you, beautiful inside-out.
Article commissioned by Profounder Intelligence Management Services. Established as a training and skills development company in 2007, Profounder Intelligence now boosts a successful and influential Publishing and Self-Publishing Unit since 2015. Profounder is a VAT registered and fully compliant company. It is a BEE Level 1 organisation run by a Black female. Profounder owns and manages the Profound Conference Centre.

To register or should you require more information about this topic, please contact Victorine on 011 440 7501 or victorine@profounder.co.za or visit www.profounder.co.za

Article by
Lemogang Molobi



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