• Money has always been a confusing weird concept for many; sometimes it is there, other times it is scarce.  But do you and your children know and understand that? On the 3


    • of March Victorine Mbong Shu will be launching her 3


    • book titled, “

Proven Habits for Financial Freedom

    • ” at the 2


    • Annual Joburg Family Festival from 16:00-18:00, at the Profound Conference Centre in Bramley, Johannesburg.
    • Attend this book launch because in modern times, children are afforded the fancy schools, the fancy lifestyle, and everything under the bright blue sky, but they may not really understand why that is so. This is because they are never really taught that mommy and daddy go to work to make money to be able to support them. Children are hardly taught about the concept of money, and what it means to earn, save and so forth.
    • Many books have been written on Finance, but Proven Habits for Future Financial Freedom is unique in that it explores the lived financial experiences of author, and how her family and that of other contributors were able to overcome all the financial and life obstacles and curve balls that life them and their families. With immense support from her life partner, Dr. Emmanuel Fru, and her children, they have learned and were able to wise up quickly in regards to their lifestyle that accommodated their financial situations.
    • This book is a story of life’s lessons, that Ms. Mbong Shu is keen to share with her readers and to hopefully teach them a trick or two about raising financially savvy families.
    If you would like more information about this book launch, please contact Dorcas Gwenhure at +27 11 440 7501 or email at



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