Write and Publish by using these 13 proven steps

There could be more, but here are 13 useful and seemingly unavoidable steps to writing, self-publishing and marketing books if you want to become a great author.
1. Think about it carefully. Are you meant to write? Do you have the ability?
2. Clarify Your Purpose and Mission. What do you want to accomplish?
3. Create Book Ideas. Your level of passion and what message you want to share?
4. Market Research. Do you have a market for your content?
5. Choose Your Best Book theme/Idea. I you could only write one book in your lifetime, which one would it be? Mine is Parenting.
6. Creative Writing. Read and learn other people’s styles. Take a course if you can.
7. Editing and Extra Research. Invest in editing your book. Most self-published books are really bad dramatically.
8. Title Creation. Choose an inquisitive title.

Photo: Books by Victorine and 10 year old Stacey Fru
9. Cover Design. Get real help and seek opinions.
 a) Formatting for Kindle. Invest in this.
 b) Formatting for Paperback. Invest in this.
 c) Audiobook Production. Invest in this if possible
10. Publish. Be it in ebook, paperback or audiobook.
11. Book Launch. Host one to celebrate and showcase your work
12. Ongoing Marketing. Do you have a marketing plan?
13. Write More Books. If you can. Number is power.

Victorine Mbong Shu
Awards Winning Author of 2 self-published books, mother of Africa’s youngest multiple awards winning author Stacey Fru and founder of Profounder Publishing
in Johannesburg. 
I hope that this helps. For more information on my writings see www.mbongshu.co.za click here to follow the group https://www.facebook.com/involvedparentingconversationwithmbongshu





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