Trapped in shadows? You Can Spring Clean Yourself Mentally

Are you ready to spring clean yourself into learning? Start spring-cleaning your mental space before your physical space. my website/blog shares 6 ways to clean your physical space.
1) Tell your truth: Being emotionally honest with your nearest and dearest is very liberating. It can be exhausting to constantly pretend to be something or someone you are not. Not sharing your truth doesn’t make you or your relationships better, over time it will probably destroy them. So, give yourself space to be you, it’s a lot less mental work. Because we have all faulted, it is call CLEAN UP. Do it this spring.

2) Find and maintain quiet time: Time alone can be used to take a mental inventory and identify any mental clutter. Yoga, meditation, a walk or any internal reflection to help you visualise how you want to feel and decide what you should start letting go of to become a calmer person.
3) Jot it in a journal: Start writing down your thoughts, or emotions, to clear your mental space. Emotions are designed to move through you, not stay stuck.
4) Give up a grudge: Holding on to negative feelings can take up a lot of mental space. Work out what you are holding on to, and why, and then start to let it go!
5) Offer an apology: If you are worried about something you have said or done to another, offer a sincere apology to clear the air.
6) Forgive your faults: Do not dwell on past mistakes or thoughts that you aren’t good enough. Just learn from past mistakes and accept that you won’t always get it right.



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