Ways to Get Some Extra or … Call it Quick Cash

The first way to get more cash for every individual or household is to save more and spend less. Even so, you could always continues to make more money by increasing your income. If you are either employed or self employed, make sure to pick up extra hours at work. if you can, do some freelance work.
You can also earn money by teaching others something for a fee, clean houses, be a personal assistant for a wealthy person, cook lunches or dinner for others so they save money by not going out to eat (how cool).
Before I continue, I will advise that you look out for the thousands of ideas online on how to make extra money.
… Some people Sell Items that are no longer use.You make money and you declutter your space .
Cancel as many non-essential bills (especially recurring ones) as many as possible for a month.  Try only spending 50% of your income like and save 50% for just 3 months and see what happened next.
Focus on cutting the big expenses which are; Move in with your relative, friend, parents, colleague for the month and rent out your place and put that saved rent money toward your emergency fund or retirement or for a big purchase? Walk, Run, or take public transportation every day, or every other day/week.



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