Why my books ask parents to “Stop Complaining! and Bring Back Involved Parenting”

I said a long time ago that parents, caregivers and guardians have traditionally depended on life to raise children for them. But relentlessly, they have worked hard to make sure that their children turn out to be what they desire. The pressures of life have not given parents, caregivers and guardians a break though. What have they done? Adults complain that children don’t listen, they are lazy, too fat, don’t greet, don’t eat, don’t sleep, don’t pray, and don’t cover nakedness. They complain that children are exposed to alcohol, drugs, weapons and sex. That they do not cherish marriage, have children too early but don’t parent. Have no work ethics, are ungrateful, irresponsible, don’t love and care, are impatient, etc.

Do adults really look at causes? Jails are full and churches are empty. This book subtly reminds adults, institutions, policymakers and governments to accept that they have parented differently and to relook at how idle children were raised. The interactions of this book lead to a second book which calls on the re-establishment of cultural rules and principles that traditionally governed children’s upbringing. One person, one family, one organisation, one government and one book at a time, we can engage to stop complaining and start investing in parenting.



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