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For over a decade and a half, I have been working in the education and training sector as a Businesswoman, Researcher, Facilitator, Conference Presenter, Mentor, Motivational and Transformational Speaker, Consultant, Chairlady, Author, Mother and Wife with a passion in transforming people. I am also passionate in involved parenting just like I am in the emancipations of women and young people. I possess good leadership and people management skills and I am passionate and enthusiastic in everything I do. Furthermore, my never-quite attitude and communication skills are well above par. (Click here for more)


  • Training is my passion – hire me to train for you on every soft skill.
  • Writing is my skill – Need guidance on how to write your book? Look for me.
  • Parenting is a theme I adores – want to talk about parenting and its challenges in the homes and workplace? Contact me.
  • Business Development – I have intuition and excellent discernment skills and I am well versed in new market penetration initiatives particularly in Africa coupled with experiential and cross cultural marketing techniques. A combination of these characteristics has enabled me to start up and manage successful businesses
  • Developing Organisational Vision – I am able to clearly articulate a statement of the purpose of any business, who its customers are, and what gives it a competitive edge.
  • Team player – my workplace and trainings on cultivating a team spirit gives me the latitude to work with and to empower people with the knowledge and ability to meet challenges of the business. This has enabled me to achieve what some people call ‘success story’.
  • Management analysts – I am a diligent management consultants, where I examine an organisation’s systems to figure out how organisations can maximise efficiency. When executing this duty, I take various factors into account including; staffing, organisational structure, and work flow processes.

Proof-reader/Editor – In this capacity, I examine final draft of a documents, books, newspaper and magazine articles, speeches or any other written communication. I can edit, but enjoy working on these documents after editing. With my detailed eyes, I ensure that no errors remain as I root out spelling errors, punctuation errors, typos or incorrect use of grammar, etc

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