Book 1 (2016)

“Stop Complaining! and Bring Back Involved Parenting”

Adults complain that children don’t listen, they are too lazy, too fat, too rude, don’t greet, don’t eat, don’t sleep, don’t pray, don’t cover nakedness. They complain that children are exposed to alcohol, drugs, weapons and sex. That they do not cherish marriage, have children too early but don’t parent. Have no work ethics, are ungrateful, irresponsible, don’t love and care, are impatient, etc. Do adults look at causes? Jails are full and churches are empty. This book subtly reminds adults, institutions, policy-makers and governments to accept that they have parented differently and to re-look at how ideal children were raised. The interactions lead to a second book which calls on the re-establishment of cultural rules and principals that traditionally governed children’s upbringing. One person, one family, one organisation, one government and one book a time, we can engage to stop complaining and start investing in parenting. Victorine is on

 Book 2 (2017)

Trapped in our shadows

Two mothers and close friends are torn apart because one betrays, humiliates and consistently copies the other. The act of copying reaches fever-pitch when the same friend’s 7-year old daughter starts consistently copying the victim’s 9-year-old daughter as well. Authentic tricks, vicious maneuvers of friendship, and extreme jealousy can push a woman to extreme shame and cause a parent to give up her values for shortcuts that left her close friend, her child and her family dumbfounded, shattered but realistically shocked. With its story drawn from two Cameroonian families based in Johannesburg. This self-help book portrays that extreme imitation is not flattery and repeat duplication is sinister. It also showcases a new form of abuse and how to cope with it. Read it and be warned. Read it and learn. Victorine is on

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“Start Investing! Time, Effort, Space … Money to Bring Back Involved Parenting”
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Have the numerous complaints made you tired of the things children do that label them as ‘badly raised’? Want to change how you parent without giving up your likes? Would you prefer parenting in a balanced manner?

You can! Most adults, institutions, policy-makers, governments seem to suffer the same fate as pressures of liberal parenting mount. As they make more and more sacrifices in efforts to meet up with the pressures of life, the parenting journey has become tough, lonely and frustrating for many irrespective of age, class, gender and race. Coincidentally, all parties would want to take it easy on themselves and their children, Tangible and intangible resources like, people, homes, time and money can be employed to make parenting smoother. Parties have to compromise, and acknowledge that they are grooming children that are weird differently, during times that are different, and under circumstances that they seem to have chosen to have little control of. We invest in our children subconsciously most often than we think. But we tend to live consciously. How then do we make sure that our children become conscious ideals of the life we would like them to live? Pick up this book. Victorine is on

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“Untrapped financial habits: For stable financial futures”

… Too much or too little, money bothers many. But why is it that money habits are neither taught in schools or homes, churches or every other structured organisation? Involved Parenting and Involved Financial habits will lead to a financially untrapped family. What are your choices? What are you teaching your children … or are you?
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