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For over a decade and a half, I have been working in the education and training sector as a Businesswoman, Researcher, Facilitator, Conference Presenter, Mentor, Motivational and Transformational Speaker, Consultant, Chairlady, Author, Mother and Wife with a passion in transforming people. I am also passionate in involved parenting just like I am in the emancipations of women and young people. I possess good leadership and people management skills and I am passionate and enthusiastic in everything I do. Furthermore, my never-quite attitude and communication skills are well above par.

I am full of energy and engage people in like manners. Born and raised in Cameroon in a family of 10 children who lived poor, happy and committed to life, the young me hoped to become a Journalist. This never happened! My love for education and transformation has encouraged me to empower professionals across sectors and countries. My attention remains in the working class, parents, children, new media and education.

I am writing a series of books on Involved Parenting. The first one ‘Stop Complaining! and Bring Back Involved Parenting’ was published in March 2016, and the second book titled ‘Start Investing! to Bring Back Involved Parenting’, Will be published in 2017

I also produce content for a wide range of purposes; from training, speeches, websites to blogs and magazines, advertisements, television and movie scripts. I am forever willing to write and work within specific fields, like marketing, sales and media.

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