Where is the smartest student in your primary or high school days?

Just before I went to University, the smartest student that year had a  4.8 GPA. Even though I still have no idea how that is possible, I attended the graduation ceremony, and witnesses it. In fact, I have a picture with her.

I am sure you all had such learners at one point in your lives. Those who knew it all … not in a bad way.

Well, I can remember a few that I know. I went to University the following year. Like most learners, we ultimately graduated and became various professionals. Some of us are married with beautiful families and we look very happy.

But those smartest learners in many primary, secondary and high schools amazed us. Some of them were extroverts who always seemed to have that I don’t care attitude. Some looked lazy because they always slept in class, but there were so many instances where they were above all the learners.

Some were always nice and stood up for others behind closed doors. Most were very obedient, and were never caught verbally abusive.

Most times they were the only ones who had answers to the teachers’ questions in which no one knew the answers to. Most of them never bragged or gloated.

At university, some of them barely woke up for classes and some missed a lot of assignments/homework. Some destroyed their tests. Some did not make it, while others were average graduates with barely 3.0 GPA. Many of them at this level were told that they need to be more motivated, else they’ll be wasting their lives.

Other intelligent children continued to excel in every class and even initiated research ideas at University levels that professors worked on and finally published them. Most of them ended up as professionals.

Now, My Involved Parenting Perspective:

Let us rewind to why most of the smartest children come across as lazy and unmotivated. Some of these intelligent children lived with their Grandmothers or relatives, with their mothers, uncles, aunts, siblings, etc. Some of their fathers left them when they was babies, and they were raised in financially tight situations. Some worked every job you could imagine to help their families out.

A University graduation is what most of them need to create a better life for all of them. Sadly some relatives die before these children graduate. But they work on.

If I may ask you. What is your child’s biggest motivation as you push them towards better grades?

 By Victorine Mbong Shu.

Victorine is in education and training since 2002. She is the CEO of Profounder Intelligence Management Services, Publisher, Editor, Researcher, Transformational Speaker, Mentor, Material Developer, Facilitator, Assessor, Moderator and TV Talk Show Host at Children Television South Africa (CTVSA). She is the owner of Profound Conference Centre in Bramley-JHB. She and Dr. Fru are raising 4 bubbly children, including Africa’s youngest multiple award-winning author of chapter books, Stacey Fru. Victorine is a respectable Involved Parenting Conversationalist with a Master’s Degree in Communications. She is a BrandSA Ambassador and Awards Winning Author of the following books:

  • ‘Stop Complaining! and Bring Back Involved Parenting,’
  • ‘Trapped in our shadows,’
  • ‘Proven habits for financial freedom,’
  • ‘Not too late: Stop Complaining and Bring Back Involved Parenting.’






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