Proven Habits for Financial Freedom are all Hidden in Savings

As we say goodbye to savings month in South Africa, I would like to emphasis that people who ache for early retirement like me would immediately start analysing ways to cut their budgets after this article.
Just take a look at how much you and your family spend each month, and on what. Many people and families put everything on a credit card because, it earns them points and allows them to separate how much was spent what they don’t have. Analysing your credit card report and tell me if you are not an impulse buyer. Need a wig? Swipe. Clothing? Swipe.
Start by saving on shopping. Just stop impulse buying and see how much you will save. If it wasn’t a necessity, stay off. Try not buying anything for an entire month. I bet you, when I tried it, life still went on! When I stopped buying nicer new clothing and started shopping at cheaper places, it started seeming like I was still spending a lot on items not needed. I almost stopped buying new things.
After cutting down on shopping, turn on something else. Learn to minimise what you already have. Actively get rid of things you don’t need in your house, and send the message to your brain that you don’t need it at all. Get rid of what you do not use often and do not replace them. Sell, gift or donated.
Then move away from both fast food and real meals not cooked at home. Start buying and stocking in your fridge and freezer. After this, learn to make your own things. Lunch boxes are much tastier and cheaper when you make them yourself. I know that most times, you can plan to avoid meals, but in some cases, I also know that it is unavoidable. Then, buy bulk and share meals.
There are a lot more savings tricks in my book Proven Habits for Financial Freedom.  Start with these fantastic steps as you include the book in your budget. We deliver everywhere at a fee, but within Johannesburg for FREE. Be more mindful of what you spent your money on. The little things that make life more tasty and more enjoyable overall easily help us cut spending. So get yourself a water bottle instead of bottled water and make sure that you leave home with water every day.

By Victorine Mbong Shu.

Victorine is in education and training since 2002. She is the CEO of Profounder Intelligence Management Services, Publisher, Editor, Researcher, Transformational Speaker, Mentor, Material Developer, Facilitator, Assessor, Moderator and TV Talk Show Host at Children Television South Africa (CTVSA). She is the owner of Profound Conference Centre in Bramley-JHB. She and Dr. Fru are raising 4 bubbly children, including Africa’s youngest multiple award-winning author of chapter books, Stacey Fru. Victorine is a respectable Involved Parenting Conversationalist with a Master’s Degree in Communications. She is a BrandSA Ambassador and Awards Winning Author of the following books:

  • ‘Stop Complaining! and Bring Back Involved Parenting,’
  • ‘Trapped in our shadows,’
  • ‘Proven habits for financial freedom,’
  • ‘Not too late: Bring Back Involved Parenting.’







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