New Book Alert! Abuse of a parent, a child and a family by another parent, child and family

This new book by Victorine Mbong Shu speaks about the amount of betrayal, pain, abandonment, abuse and identity lost that a woman and her family, particularly her then 9-year-old daughter, suffered from a close friend and her own family. How do you cope if you find yourself in a similar situation?

Title: ‘Trapped in our shadows’
Victorine Mbong Shu
Profounder Intelligence
Launch Date:
6th July 2017 from 18 pm
Launch Venue: Skoobs Bookshop, Monte Casino

What length do people go to acquire what they term success? How much can people sacrifice to attain fame? But most importantly, for how long will people keep watching and only complain when things go horribly wrong? This drawn from a true-life story, this self-help narrative reveals a character Rachel, whose close friend, Herodias impersonates, copies, stalks, duplicates and persistently copies her, to the extent where Herodias grooms her 7-year-old daughter, Salome to beat Rachel’s 9-year-old daughter, Josepha’s records as Africa’s youngest author.
Sharing how the two mothers and their daughters are now Trapped in shadows, Victorine warns in her book that we must be careful how we share our lives’ events with friends and family. She exposes the pain of betrayal by stating that what her close friend did is destructive to her family and has sent Josepha into a mood of shock and bruised her ego.
According to Victorine, Herodias has not only betrayed Rachel, and her family, she is teaching their children that living a deceitful life is acceptable and that as long as you copy well, you will be accepted for who you want to be, not just who you are. “It would have been easy to ignore the child if her mother was not my close friend who is recorded as notoriously copying the things I do,” Victorine quotes Rachel.
This book questions how possible is it that two friends can have children with exactly the same genes? Josepha writes a book at age 7 when her parents did not know, she told her siblings not to tell her parents, etc. Salome does exactly the same. In her speeches in 2015, Josepha asks children to follow their dreams, and believe in themselves and let nothing get in their way, exactly the same words that Salome uses in 2016. Could these be coincidences?

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Victorine Mbong Shu:

Victorine is the Award-Winning Author of the book: Stop Complaining! and Bring Back Involved Parenting (2016). She is an Involved Parenting Conversationalist, BrandSA Ambassador, Researcher, Transformational Speaker, Consultant, Mentor, Assessor, Moderator and CEO of Profounder Intelligence Management Services. She and Emmanuel are raising 4 bubbly children including Africa’s youngest multiple award-winning author of chapters’ books, Stacey Fru. Victorine holds a Master’s Degree in Communications from UJ.



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