‘Say Stop! to any Copycat who consistently replicates your life!’ Book Release

Title: ‘Trapped in our shadows’
Victorine Mbong Shu
Profounder Intelligence

The book “Trapped in our shadows” by Victorine Mbong Shu, is scheduled to be launched in Skoobs Bookshop in Monte Casino on the 6th of July 2017, you are invited! In her book, Mbong Shu speaks about the rampant act of copycat behaviour between two families that quickly turns into an abusive relationship. She urges everyone to be able to say NO TO ABUSE!

Mbong Shu speaks openly about the agony that two families went through for over 10 years, as a close friend exposes another to the pain of betrayal, unfulfilled love, abandonment, misguided parenting, and stolen identities. According to her, this friend’s continues duplication of a mother and her daughter’s lives has pushed them to feel like they are trapped in their own shadows.

Rachel the antagonist and Herodias the protagonist are real-life humans whose lives are likened to the original Bible characters that they are named after. In the book, Herodias repeatedly copies the things Rachel does, to the extent that she also started grooming her 7-year-old daughter, Salome to act and behave exactly like Rachel’s, then 9-year-old daughter, Josepha. Talking to the media, Victorine acknowledges that this book is in fact a story about herself and her 9-year-old daughter, the multi-talented multiple award-winning author of chapter books, ‘Smelly Cats, 2015’ and ‘Bob and the Snake, 2016.’

According to Victorine, a 7-year-old was groomed to lie to the world on a life event that is stolen from her Family. How do you claim to have been the maker of an event that you never lived? This 292 pages’ book reveals more details than questioning the lives of this duplicated family. In it, Victorine walks readers through the life that she and her then close friend lived through the following subtitles;
‘We didn’t know she was writing a book.’ Who did not know that who was writing a book?
‘Transition: from a friend to a curse.’ What exactly happened?
‘I write to inspire others.’ Who writes to inspire? Stacey Fru or …
‘Plan to eliminate.’ Who planned to eliminate who?
‘Unseen abuse.’ Who is abusing who and how?
‘Stolen identities … the expert.’ Who stole whose identities, how and when?
‘A copyright case?’ What about it and who will open one?
‘Could it be jealousy?’ Why would a woman put her family through pain by hurting another?
‘Close friends duplicated genes.’ Is this possible?
– ‘Ghost writer for 7 years old.’ The truth will out!!! And more …
Copies of this book are available at Skoobs bookshop already. You are invited to the launch on the 6th of July where you could grab your copy to live in real times. This book could be a life changer to anyone who is either trapped in another person’s shadow of have others trapped in their shadows. Each section has a lesson for all.

Purchase copies on +27 11 346 8300/info@profounder.co.za (Publisher)/ victorine@mbongshu.co.za (author)/ info@profoundcentre.co.za (stockist)

Victorine Mbong Shu:

Victorine is the Award-Winning Author of the book: Stop Complaining! and Bring Back Involved Parenting (2016). She is an Involved Parenting Conversationalist, BrandSA Ambassador, Researcher, Transformational Speaker, Consultant, Mentor, Assessor, Moderator and CEO of Profounder Intelligence Management Services. She and Emmanuel are raising 4 bubbly children including Africa’s youngest multiple award-winning author of chapters’ books, Stacey Fru. Victorine holds a Master’s Degree in Communications from UJ.



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